Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection – B Residential

B Residential understands the importance of protecting information collected that is considered to be private, which includes information which can be used to identify someone (personal information).

How does B Residential collect personal information?

B Residential  collects information in many ways, for example:

Completing and submitting online forms (Contact us, Register your interest etc)

Contacting B Residential via email, online, in person or over the telephone

Attending property inspections and signing a visitor register

Applying for tenancy

Becoming a client, tenant, creditor of B Residential

Applying for a job with B Residential

How is your personal information used/disclosed?

Personal information that is submitted to B Residential is used primarily for the purpose it was provided for. B Residential may keep personal information saved by way of system backing up. B Residential will seek approval/consent before using personal information for a secondary purpose not related to the primary purpose. An exception to secondary use is where B Residential is required or permitted by law to provide information or when it is in the interest of public safety to provide. 

Accuracy of your personal information.

The majority of personal information given to B Residential is by way of user submission. B Residential aims to keep personal information accurate and current. You have a general right to access your own personal information, therefore, at any time you may request to view your own personal information that B Residential holds.

How is your information protected?

B Residential has physical and electronic protection in place to protect personal information from unauthorised access. If your personal information is no longer required by B Residential, your information will be destroyed.

 10 Steps B residential is taking to Protect Other People's Information

Only collecting information that is necessary

Not collecting personal information just because it may come in handy later on

Advising people what we are going to do with the personal information provided

Using personal information for the particular purpose it was provided for

Consideration to whether we need to disclose personal information

Giving people access to their own personal information

Keeping personal information secure from unauthorised access

Destroying information that is no longer required

Keeping personal information accurate and up to date

Being contactable anytime to assist in privacy queries

Terms of use

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